Need help upgrading...

By Dex
Oct 17, 2004
  1. Sup all...

    Dex the ultra hardware noob here looking to see if anyone would care to help me.... Here is what is in my comp. right now... HERE

    This is what was suggested to me from a friend... HERE

    All I am looking for is to upgrade my comp so I don't have to play Delta Force 2 at 400x300 res with turbo on but also other games that can't even hardly load on my comp.... I have about $250 to spare, so i'm looking for the best option, any other advice would be greatly appreciated.... :grinthumb
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Welcome to TechSpot

    Stay away from that mobo, it has too many problems. Read the big A7N8X-post further down.
    You will also need to buy new memory and a processor, not to mention a decent graphics card.
    Have a look at this bundle from Newegg (AMD64-3200, Gigabyte GA-K8NS mobo and 512MB memory)
    It is over your current budget, but is fairly future-proof for a while to come!
  3. Didou

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    Heh, the A7N8X-X works quite well (it just has problems when you use "Value" Ram) but I have to agree that if you're upgrading to a new system right now, nothing should keep you from going on the Socket-754 or Socket-939 platforms. They're much better gaming wise & AthlonXPs are very hard to come by as AMD have stopped most of their production & are replacing them with Semprons.
  4. Dex

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  5. Didou

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    Either of these bundles will work quite well. I would still suggest getting 512mb of Ram, the 1st bundle only offers 256mb. The 2nd bundle offers a Gigabyte card which has the advantage of offering DualBios, in case you've done a bad flashing operation, you can still revert to the original BIOS. If you're into Overclocking, then go for the Abit motherboard offered in the 1st bundle.
  6. Dex

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  7. Didou

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    Either one of the first two links (can you tell I'm biased to nForce ? ;) ). The Gigabyte + 3200+ being the better performer of the two of course.
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