Need help with my FPS rates in CS, CS:S, CZ

By HB_Mofo
Aug 18, 2005
  1. I just upgraded my video card (yay!) from my crappy onboard video card to a 256mb Geforce FX5500 (ye i know not some super great video card, but considering i had an onboard video before, this is a drastic improvement.

    I can only get 60 fps on reg CS and CZ, and only about 45 FPS on CS:S.

    So i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what settings i have to change to get some good fps (100 if possible)

    thanks in advance
  2. msdstc

    msdstc TS Rookie Posts: 73

    ok turn off v sync, of you dont know how to do this, go to display and the advanced settings tab, look for it somewhere in there (wait for VSYNC will make it so CS will go the same as your desktops refresh rate). CS tops off at 72 after that, so go to the council and type fps_max 100 or 150 or 999 or w/e you want, honestly though 60 FPS should be more than perfect, hope this helps.
  3. HB_Mofo

    HB_Mofo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sigh the thing is i cant seem to find it, i find nothing about vsync in the display and advanced under the tab where it says everything about my card. I will continue to try, thanks for the help
  4. msdstc

    msdstc TS Rookie Posts: 73

    if it helps, it is called "wait for vertical sync" or something like that.
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