Need live CD or method to replace (not repair) BU copies of Vista BCD, bootmgr

By Debbie23
Sep 19, 2011
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  1. Looking for options / prgms to easily BU then restore BCD, bootmgr & any others I've may have overlooked, that typically keep Vista from booting.
    I'd like to just back these up (not image them), once everything's working, & have an easy way to copy / replace the files from a live CD ? environment (even if the copies aren't on same CD as the boot disk I use), when Vista won't boot.

    I have Vista Recovery Disk, but lately after a couple restores - & then had booting probs - it asked for Vista disk to repair (diff machines, using Ghost 15 or True Image Hm 2009 (updated) ) - the recov. disk rebuilt BCD, bootmgr,... but incorrectly. It changed BCD values that would NEVER allow Vista to boot (confirmed using boot disk - BootIt BM). I fixed errors w/ BootIt, but it's a pain.

    One Ghost restore of a NON OS partition caused booting problems. The BU image had NOTHING except the one Applications partition - NOTHING to do w/ any OS.
    Shouldn't have affected Vista booting at all, but did. I know - you're thinking, "Must've done something wrong." Don't think so. And when wouldn't boot & used recov. disk, messed up several BCD values.
    This may be rare, but happened. I can repair these if the recov. disk doesn't do the trick, but takes time.

    EasyBCD only works if some windows will boot. Again, takes time (sometimes) going thru the menu / repair steps.
    Even if could use BootIt trial ver. from boot disk forever (not install it on HDD), it's still work to find errors / make corrections.

    Why bother if I had good copies to replace damaged / missing ones very quickly? Would appreciate suggestions on some boot disk that will allow copy & replace the files - whether on same boot disk or a 2nd disk (or even allow accessing copies stored on HDD) .


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