New build PC , What is your suggestions

  1. Hello guys, I am building a new PC which icludes;
    -Samsung SSD 850 EVO
    -Corsair Air Series AF120-Quiet Edeiyion 120mm
    -DeepCool Dukase Case
    -Enermax Liqmax 2 -240mm
    -Aksaca AK-ICR-11 ( for Blueetoth and so)
    -Corsair CX750M- CP-9020061-Eu 750 watt
    -Asus PCE-N12 (Wireless)
    -Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE (Dvd drive)
    -INTEL CORE i7 4790 Quad Core Professional Processor
    -Corsair CMZ16GBX3M2A1600C10 ( 16 gb Ram)
    -WD Blue 2TB Harddisk
    -MSI H97 Gaming 3 (mother board)
    And I still have questions about the GPU. MSI R9 390 or MSI GFX970 but I cant decide. Or other brands you suggest? Please help me
  2. HardReset

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    Samsung 850 Evo uses TLC so I recommend Crucxial BX100 instead
    Corsair PSU is only medium quality so take something better
    4790 makes no sense as LGA1150 is already obsolete socket
    Above means another motherboard and memory also, either 6700K+LGA1151 board or i7-5820K+LGA2011-3 board.

    As GTX970 is only 3.5GB card and AMD is much better with DX12 software, R9 390 is much better choice.
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  3. martinron

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    "As GTX970 is only 3.5GB card and AMD is much better with DX12 software, R9 390 is much better choice"

    I agree, the R9 390 8GB is a much better choice in the short term seeing its on par with the 970 DX11, or not far off, and the R9 390 is especially better long term with Win10 DX12 Games seeing what we have seen so far. The R9 390 also has Asynchronous Compute, but the 970 doesn't. asynchronous compute will be needed in most DX12 games coming, since most if not all consoles games are applying Asynchronous Compute, which will carry over to PC Games (Console Ports).

    The 8GB (will help allot) vs 3.5GB says it all for me. The Asynchronous Compute is just icing on the cake.. Also nvidia have around 40W better power usage in DX11 games and have had better support for most games (DX11) in the first week for the past year, so something also to consider. But for future proofing AMD is the better alternative seeing what happened to Kepler (670/680) and Maxwell 1.0 (780/780ti/Titan)

    For PSU (Power Supply Unit): Superflower, EVGA (Uses Superflower), Seasonic and CoolerMaster are the brands you should be looking at.
    For CPU & Motherboard: LGA1151 + 4 core 6600K or 4 core 6700K or you can have 6 Core i7-5820K + LGA2011-3 board (As above)
    For SSD: I think your current option is fine (See below)

    SLC, Single Level Cell (1 bit) = Generally 100000 write erase cycles & Erase time: 1-2.5ms
    MLC, Multilevel Cell (2 or more bits) = Anywhere from 3000 to 15000 write erase cycles & Erase time: 2.5-3.5ms
    TLC, Triple Level Cell (3 bits) = Anywhere from 1000 to 5000 write/erase cycles & Erase time: 4-5ms (You're going for this one)

    It depends on how heavy user you are and what you will be doing e.g. Games and work or both etc.
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  4. HardReset

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    Better description for TLC

    MLC has proven to be reliable, TLC has still lot to prove.
  5. Technician

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    Gtx 980ti is a better GPU. I'd wait for the next lineup coming out next.

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