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By Rab2140
Dec 2, 2007
  1. Hi all, its coming near xmas and im planning on building another gaming pc i have all exterior sorted its just the inside im having issuses with Im planning on going sli i have one 8800 gtx and planning to get another and another sli mobo and 4gb ram plus a new processor . my question is wat would be the cheapest high performance ram i could get and i cant decide on a mobo because i have no idea what processor to get should i go intel or amd ? i have an intel 5000+ dual core at the moment and it is still pretty good but i have had my eye on the 6400+ 3.2 ghz its the overclockers edition and its cheap . But would i be better of going for a newer intel processor? i just dont know what is better persoanlly i think amd is the king but intel are better in games i heard so what should i do ? Btw this is all for crysis :p :D
  2. Rab2140

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    i meant to say i currently have an AMD 64 X2 5000+ not intel sorry
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