News around the web: Happiness Is Earning $60K A Year?

By Erik
May 31, 2010
  1. PanicX

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    @Happiness Is Earning $60K A Year

    What an arbitrary number. $60K a year is near poverty in some neighborhoods and excessively wealthy in others. I live in the Los Angeles area and make nearly double that amount and still feel poor. But it doesn't look like they took into account things like wives, children and debt. The article says they sampled 600,000 americans, but no mention of how or where. If they got 600,000 people from Detroit, I'd say that this might make some sense. But to imply that $60k is all any kid should strive for anywhere in America would be absurd.
  2. Maybe if you read the article PanicX, you'd have noticed they already covered (and mostly refuted) all your points, as well as putting more thought into it generally than you just did.
  3. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    It's kind of ironic that you would claim I didn't read the article when I sited directly from it.
    Maybe if you read my post Guest, you'd have noticed they don't cover any of my points, but that I put more thought into it generally than you just did.

    Maybe you could show me a quote where they address regional incomes and supporting dependents.
    Logically it doesn't follow that $60k a year for a single person renting a condo, would have the same amount of misery relief as $60k a year for a provider with a housewife, 3 children and a mortgage.
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