No Internet access after removing Norton

By monton
Feb 20, 2012
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  1. I just reinstalled windows 7 HP 64 from system image on a Toshiba satellite for a friend. He didn't want Nortons on the computer so I removed it using nortons removal tool from their website. Now I can't connect to any websites although I am connected to the LAN. All other computers connect to the web except this one. I think it is related to nortons because this problem started after uninstall. I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Any suggestions? Thanks for checking this out

    I have set everything to "default" in both Explorer and firefox. It is not something I've encountered before. I can go to a few random sites but cannot connect to commercial sites, ebay or land's end for example. I can't find anything that blocks those types of sites. Some sites come up in text without graphics. Compatability mode doesn't seem to help either. What am I missing?
  2. ElShotte

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    Off the top it sounds like a firewall issue. Do you use any third-party firewall or stock Windows firewall? Try disabling it through the control panel and see if that helps.
  3. monton

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    Solved - not Nortons related

    This may be useful for others who run into this problem.

    This is a Toshiba Satellite that was unusable - couldn't get past the "spinning circle" of Windows 7 64. After running AVG from a CD as well as Windows Defender CD there was no improvement and no malware of any kind detected. Stepped back a few restore points with no luck. I decided to do a complete destructive recovery.
    After reinstalling the system it was time to "decrapify" the drive. I removed Best Buys mandatory software and a few other BHOs and the like. Norton's was waiting to install but I was intent on using Avast free.
    Windows did a bazillion updates taking about a day and a half. Then I downloaded the Norton's removal tool and removed everything related to Nortons. Avast was downloaded and installed - no problem. I installed many Windows "Optional updates". All appeared well. Avast updated automatically and Windows did a couple updates.
    Before returning the laptop I wanted to set the homepage of FireFox to for the owner of the laptop who deals in autos and parts etc.
    Ebay would not load. I tried Amazom and that wouldn't load. Other random sites did load. Avast continued to auto update. Automatic updates worked but wouldn't load. I disabled the firewalls. Uninstalled avast. No luck.
    I was ready to start over when I stumbled on, buried in the numerous Toshiba utilities, a utility to install individual drivers. I thought that I could drill one inch holes through the laptop to fell better but maybe I would try reinstalling the ethernet driver first. FIXED!!!
    I reinstalled Avast and a few other programs for the owner. All worked perfectly.
    I did a final check for MS updates and there was one for the ethernet hardware. I went ahead and installed it. The problem returned. I rolled back the driver and all was good again.
    It appears the "updated" driver from M$ was the problem all along.

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