None Working MP4 player

By Ididmyc600
Jun 18, 2008
  1. Hi

    this is the other hardware section, I couldn't find one that may or not deal with this but here goes,

    Right I bought one of those cheap 2gb MP4 player, its ok for some stuff but I just cant get it to accept any video at all, there is a sample video of Nemo the little fish and the output on Gspot says its an AVI file with an XVid compression.

    I have tried a rake of progs but each file just shows up as an error on the player as unrecognised file type.

    The unit only recognises AVI and no other type of file, the instructions are in Chinglish (English/Chinese) and make no sense at all.

    Oh yeah when plugged into the laptop it comes up as a Rock device, i have googled it but cant find any pages relating to it.

    The unit is about the size of a packet of Swan Matches (gotta be English to know them0 or just a bit smaller than a pack of 20 cigerettes and has a black and silver surrond

    if you want the output from Gspot i have put it here


    All the difference i can see is that one is AVI 1 and the other AVI 2.

    If anyone knows of the right prog to use to get this to work I would be grateful

    Please enlighten me all i want to do is use it, if not then it goes in the BIN...

    Thanks people
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