Noob needs advise on linux

By Ishrams
Jul 31, 2009
  1. Ishrams

    Ishrams TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    Captaincranky i was not asking for xp pro but anyways i jus wanted to know how to make it bootable off a flash drive because it is all i got right now. But to everyone else thanks for helping but most of those links were for advanced users and i did not understand any of it.
  2. Algoz

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    Actually, Captaincranky makes the most important point here, why not restore to 'as purchased'. With Acer, I believe hitting F10 at boot takes you to a 'hidden' restore partition, with step by step instructions how to get the OS back to the 'I just walked out of the store' state of clenliness (I already did this a while ago with my Acer laptop, worked fine). I think it depends on whether the netbook in question is an 8GB flash machine or has the hard disk (the 8gb is simply too small).

    Re Ubuntu, I can only say that I just tried to install it on an Acer one (just for kicks), and it was not as friendly as using WUBI (I have used WUBI so talk from experience).

    If Ishrams follows the WinXP restore, and wants to 'play' with Ubuntu, WUBI is an excellent way to find his way (apologies for talking in 3rd person!).

    BTW, am an Expat living in Spain and Techspot has been one of my lifelines to the techie world. I apologise if my forum etiquette isn't quite right yet, I am still 'in training. But I'd rather make a few mistaiks [sic] and contribute than stay ont he sidelines (English soccer parlance).
  3. eightwpm

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    eightwpm says "HUMMMMMMM"
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