NTFS permissions

By kipale
Jan 14, 2010
  1. Hello world,

    I just started work with a big folder's permission-hierarcy in a windows domain. I got pretty much everything okay, but I have ran into one problem. There's a folder where I have ownership and I'm set as 'full control', but then inside that folder there are some other folders that do not inherit my superior control over them. In fact I can't even see those folders, they are hidden from me. Is there a way to list a folder's contents if I am owner and full administrator of that folder? I mean despite the subfolders not having me in their permissions list. Also can I somehow change the subfolder's permissions? I think the owner of the folder can somehow change the subfolders permissions, but since I can't even see them I can't reach their security settings. There is the "force parent folder permissions on subfolders" option, but I don't want to overwrite and ruin the whole permission hierarcy inside the folder.
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