packard bell tempest upgrade?

By colin paulyn
Feb 25, 2005
  1. Is it possible to upgrade the video card for a media star msi tempest 6147 motherboard?I currently have an onboard 3d rage pro graphics accelerator,pentium 11 with 128 ram.Any help would be appreciated as I'm a novice to this and I'm a bit lost. :blush:
  2. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    hey colin.......your mobo needs to have either a free pci or agp slot on it for a new video card.check to see if a agp slot is available,it looks the same as a pci slot but has a different colored slot and is a little different in size.but since your mobo is kind of old i dont think you would have this slot.the best thing to do is would be to get a pci slot video card,you can get pretty much any size and price you want,32/64/128/256 mb depending on your budget.I would suggest you not to go overboard and buy a higher memory video card since your system will not be able to fully utilize it.a geforcemx440 or geforce 3 from nvidia and radeon 8500,9000,9100,9200 from ati should be the most likely the rest depends on your budget,also when you do get the new card you'll probably have to disable your onboard grahic through a jumper on the mobo.
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