Please check my hjt, combofix & SAS logs

By dj316
Sep 2, 2008
  1. Is my PC clean of virus's, please check my hjt, combofix & SAS logs


    My computer was infected by some sort of virus and I followed the removal instructions posted on here by Julio.

    Basically my computer appears fine now but when it was infected it was very slow, half of the desktop icons disappeared, task manager would not open, could not find my hard disk directory in explorer and the words "VIRUS ALERT" appeared down beside the clock in the taskbar and pop up windows kept coming up saying that my computer was infected and i had to download all this different types of software (which i didnt).

    Anyway please find attached the logs for hjt, sas, MBAM & combofix as suggested in Julio's post. If someone could take a look at them for me.
    Also the Panda antiroot kit scan found nothing.

  2. Kazi

    Kazi TS Enthusiast Posts: 121

    You were hit by a rogue program. Mbam and SAS should've got rid of it
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