Portable cd/dvd player ??

By ptitterington
Aug 22, 2003
  1. I have a question,

    My daughter is looking for a format to store and playback all her music, she has a lot of dowmloads and cd's. We borrowed a MP3 player but it did not hold much, she just wants to stuff it full with whole albums.

    I have seen that there are a lot of manufacturers that sell cd,cdrw,mp3 players.
    Is there a way to just either copy all and burn to dvd or convert to MP3 and burn to dvd and then play through a cd player.

    I havent yet seen a player that supports dvd as a format.
    The burner will burn +Rand -R etc.

  2. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    Well I don't think you will be able to get a cd player to play a DVD. And as you stated her best bet is to put the albums on different CD's. I have an mp3 player in my car and I use it quite frequently, I can get about 160 songs on each CD. So if you think about it, that is almost 10 albums. She will just have to have a few different mp3 CD's.
  3. somekid007

    somekid007 TS Rookie Posts: 271

    a nice NEC DVD+R/RW runs at $161.99CDN here, P&CatId=89

    a sony portable usb 2.0 cd-rw/dvd-rom drive runs you at $490.99 here, P&CatId=89

    so for a little over $650 CAD, u can get what you want, but at $500 for a 24x CD-RW, i cant justify the cost, thought it does have a memory stick slot as well so you can have a dual sided dvd (9.4gigs) plus a 256mb memory stick that will hold lots
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