Printer won't power on, tried everything

By Mugsy
Jul 5, 2011
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  1. John407

    John407 Newcomer, in training

    I have a Canon Pixma MG8210, I had a similar issue... our power dipped for a moment, the printer turned off and would not power back up. I read through the thread above and turned the printer over to remove the power supply. I needed to run out to my garage to get a hex wrench so I turned the printer right-side up and on a hunch hit the power button. It worked just fine. I have no idea why their printers do this, but it is very easy to fix with the proper technical skills ;)
  2. spacerman

    spacerman Newcomer, in training

    I have the same problem as Magiceye. Pixma MP610: When I press the power button it lights up for a nano second then shuts down again. I tried Timroperco's solution but still nothing.
  3. ScrappyLaptop

    ScrappyLaptop Newcomer, in training

    Didn't work here, but I have a 30314 power supply. There are fuses, btw (the giveaway on mine was the "Caution: replace fuse with same type and rating" message silkscreened on the bottom. On the component side there were three black blocks labeled F1-F3, w/ ratings of 2A & 2.5, 240v. Unfortunately for this PS, all are good. Voltage ratings are -11v and -9v on the green and orange, respectively. Rating on the case is 32v @.75A and 24v @ 0.5A. Ebay, $16.
  4. LizzyP

    LizzyP Newcomer, in training

    Hi Timroperco
    I've been reading these posts with avid interest. I have an A3 canon pixma ix6550 which is not quite a year and a half old. Just as I was about to send something to print it just went dead. I've tried all the usual things like checking the power supply etc, but nothing. Have spoken to canon and it could potentially cost me virtually the same amount as the printer cost! Do you think I could try the same tips for the IP4500? I am no techie, but I suppose I've got nothing to loose, but wanted to check in case I've missed something glaringly obvious!
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  5. Jan Bladh

    Jan Bladh Newcomer, in training

    I have been testing my IP4700, since it suddenly stopped working. I found that the power supply, with its 5 pin socket has a control signal from the Main logic board. Others have noticed that instead of +24 and +32 Volt the actual voltage is around 10 volt. That is Ok as long as you have pin 1 lower than +5 Volt or unconnected. This is a control signal for letting the PWM board run in ECO mode. Even if you power off the printer the Primary switching is on all the time. Power consumtion is less than 0.5 W anyhow. It is only a 24k ohm resistor on the 24 Volt line. I have not yet get my printer running. Next step is check on Main logic board.
  6. mike bitar

    mike bitar Newcomer, in training

    Dear timroperco can you give me details on how you do it....

    (your saying: I directly re-connected the circuit board to the dangling white connector hanging from the printer. Then I re-attached the female end of the power cord to the two prongs. Next I plugged in the power wire to a receptacle ... then hit the ON button.)

    I have another printer ip4700, I connected the 4500 circuit board to 4700, its work and only on 4500 its not working..???

    what exactly I should do..

    many thanx..

    Where the two prongs you mention
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  7. JCisJD

    JCisJD Newcomer, in training

    Thanks for that . I had the same problem with my MP510 (SEEMS TO BE SAME SET UP UNDERNEATH) Followed what you did now all working again:) RESULT!

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