Problem in installing MS SQL server 2000 Personal in Windows XP Pro with SP2

By therock
Nov 17, 2004
  1. Here what i selected:
    I can not select "Use domain user account" though i already remove password. I also tried to create a new user account with admin privilige , but still not go through.
    But it let me go to next if i select "Use the local system account", next i set "Window Authentaicateion Mode" or Mixed Mode", then when it installing, i got this message which stop installation:
    "Can not read the specific file. This is most likely caused by a poor network connection. Correct the problem and restart the setup. File: E\PERSONAL\x86\setup\..\Data\master.mdf

    ***I installed successfully in my other computer(Win XP Pro without SP2) on my network

    Thanks for any help
    My system infos: Centrino 1.5 Win XP Pro with SP2, IIS, on Lan with both wire and wirelesss network.
  2. therock

    therock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I figured out it by myselft
    I made to run it locally
    I made an image file like iso from scratched CD by using Alcohol 120%. Then i extracted the image file into folders and file. Then i installed successfully.
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