Problem: Win XP Boot Screen -- Blank After 3 Passes

By cyrusjumpjet
Feb 15, 2008
  1. So the other morning I wake up and boot my computer.. only to find myself staring at a blank black screen after the blue bar passes about 3 times on the Windows XP boot screen.

    The monitor still gets a signal because it doesnt automatically turn off -- it's just black. And there isn't really any other indication that anything's wrong (no beeps at startup or anything like that). The only other strange thing that I notice is that the hard drive light won't turn off. It's like permanently on.

    Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time for any help you guys can offer.

    Here are my specs:

    P4 2.8C
    Abit IC7-G
    1.5gigs PC3200
    Antec 420w PSU
    WD 250gig
    WD 500gig
    Radeon 9800 Pro AIW 128mb
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,240   +92

    Have you tried booting into Safe Mode or tried the "Last Known Good Configuration"?

    Make any recent hardware/software changes?
  3. cyrusjumpjet

    cyrusjumpjet TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    yeah, I forgot to say that I've tried booting into Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration.

    Each time it still goes blank. :(

    And no new recent additions, besides installing that 500gig HDD. But it was working just fine for about a week before this happened, so I don't think that was it.
  4. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,240   +92

    Have you tried checking the system/CPU temps in your BIOS? Might want to try reseating your RAM and any PCI/PCI-E cards you have and or setting your BIOS to the factory default setting.
  5. cyrusjumpjet

    cyrusjumpjet TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    the temps are all fine..
    and I've reseated my graphics card several times. I'll try the RAM, but I'm not optimistic. :[
  6. cyrusjumpjet

    cyrusjumpjet TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    Interestingly, when I simply unplugged the new 500gig HDD's SATA power and data cables, it booted just fine. This makes me believe that maybe the drive wasn't getting enough power for some reason or.... something else?
    I don't know. This is still a problem so if anybody has more suggestions, they'd be much appreciated. :D
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,965   +69

    What is your make and model of your PSU? How much wattage?
  8. cyrusjumpjet

    cyrusjumpjet TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    It is an Antec TrueBlue 420 watt PSU. The TrueBlue series is the same as the True series of PSUs, but it has blue LEDs on the fan. So I don't really think it's the PSU anymore because I tried changing around a lot of the cables but to no avail.

    Something interesting is that I discovered that I had my Windows installation on the 250gig drive but it was recognized as the Slave. I switched it so the 500gig was the slave and the 250gig was Master. At first I thought this had resolved the problem but this time the Windows loading bar makes it SIX PASSES and then I get a black screen.
    So still no solution but I'm getting closer.

    Do you think the 500gig HDD has just gone bad? It was working great for about a week.
  9. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,965   +69

    Have you done a HD diagnostics? The problem is unless you can boot to at least safe mode this will be impossible. I am just wondering if you are pulling more than the PSU can provide.

    If you can, put your system specs in your profile page.

    Will it boot up up if you just have the 500 connected?
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