Problems setting up A7V8X (Trouble! pls help!)

By Lordjigga
Jul 5, 2004
  1. Trouble! pls help!

    Just bought a Asus A7V8XX and i have been having troubles...

    Had an old system and replaced the CPU and Motherboard.

    Motherboard - Asus A7V8xx VIA Socket A
    CPU - Atlhon XP 2500+

    Old motherboard- Epox 8kha+
    Cpu- Athlon 1.4

    I was told i could just replace the mobo and Cpu and i would be fine.. wireless internet isnt working and wont let me install i get a message saying "not compatable software with windows XP" But i know it is.
    i also tried to reinstall Windows..( no Format) and it didnt work.. Cant enter Bios Either i hit delete key all the way from startup and nothing.. but i can enter the Bios Flash (Alt+f2) any help would be much apprectaited :) if i need to list any more information pls let me know

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  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Bad news for you. When you replace a motherboard, you have to re-install Windows from scratch, then install the mobo-specific drivers that come with that mobo.

    The reinstall you did, was really a repair, which cannot function because of motherboard issues.

    A bit further down on this page you will find the A7N8x-thread. In there is a whole lot more information about this mobo (albeit with nVidia).
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