PSU for end of november upgrade

By LinkedKube
Nov 2, 2008
  1. So it seems its that time for me. Or it feels like it at least. I'm waiting for the new msi x58 boards to drop as well as new intel cpus. I'm planning on using 4 Diamond 4870 x2 on the new motherboard.

    My greatest concern is a power supply at this time.

    Here's the case im using from Lian Li

    I imagine that I'd have to buy a psu with at least 1200 watts. There arent many on the market. 3 available from newegg.

    My knowledge isnt extensive in the psu sector. This is only my third build.

    If someone can add some suggestions as far as a power supply goes I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Gamer Z

    Gamer Z TS Rookie

    1200 would be good for two or more of those cards, go with that. Plus u wont have to worry if you have enough power or not.
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