Radeon Tweaking Guide

By Malibu Stacey
Dec 8, 2002
  1. I have recently upgraded from my very old & very knackered GeForce DDR to a brand spanking new Hercules Radeon 8500.
    However being someone who likes to get the most performance out of my PC I'd like to start tweaking it but I've no idea where to start. Our gracious hosts don't have a tweak guide for the Radeon chipset based cards as yet and since I've been focused on a Nvidia based card for the last 3 years I've got no idea of even where to start (apart from getting the latest drivers).
    Does anyone know of any good places for Radeon tweaking where I could read up and/or any utils similar to NVmax/GTU/Rivatuner which would aid me in this task?

    Any & all help is very much appreciated.
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    Yeah good luck!:grinthumb
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