By sellmesanity
Jan 18, 2007
  1. YO YO YO YO. I have been overclocked for a long time now with my two GeiL Platinum sticks. I am about to get Vista and I want to put two more sticks in my computer but continue to have it overclocked, do I need the exact same brand, or what?

    I want 2 gigs of ram in total btw. I have 2x512 sticks already.
  2. DonNagual

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    Athlon64 cpus don't really like 4 sticks of ram that much. The memory controller will automatically underclock all your ram to PC2700 speeds and set you at a 2T setting so be warned in advance (even with identical sticks).

    As for using different brands, as long as they are the same speed they SHOULD work. Not generally recommended, but I have also done it in the past. But especially if you are overclocking the ram, you'd be best off with the same make/model if possible.
  3. sellmesanity

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    Does this underclocking apply to the Venice core?
  4. DonNagual

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    Venice cores have the latest memory controller, so you may actually be fine especially if it is revision E6. There is still the possibility that your motherboard will underclock you, and you may need to update your bios. Good luck!
  5. JimShady23

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    Not true

    I had 4 sticks of matching memory in my AMD 939 setup for over 2 years....And with differnet motherboards and CPU's first was a 3700+ then it was a x2 4200. But the only thing true to that stament is that it locks you in at 2T commant rate. 1T is not possible.

    First was a Abit AN8 Utra NF4 chipset and it let me do what ever I wanted to the memory, even let me run it at 500mhz without overclocking the CPU (the RAM was PC4000) But did not let me run it at 2T. Was using the A64 3700+

    Second was a Asus A8N SLI Deluxe NF4: This board locked me in at 2T timings also and did not let me Run the memory at 500mhz even though it was an option. But the system did indeed OC well, was able to get up to 2.65 on my X2 4200 2.2ghz stock.

    The only drawback that I had experienced is that you are stuck at 2T command rate.

    Also Id really recommend getting the exact same memory that you have now.
    Basically you know this memory can handle your overclock, dont chance it with a differnt memory brand... Plus it may not support the same timmings.
  6. DonNagual

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    Not true? Very true, and well known fact that AMD memory controllers have a hard time with 4 sticks except some of the later released CPUs (Revision E6). But even the E6 revision still tend to drop you to 2T (as you found out).
  7. JimShady23

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    Just saying that I never had any issues with it underclocking my memory....

    He may not have a problem..... As stated above, his biggest concern should be to not mix and match memory modules especially if he is a overclocking junkie :D
  8. sellmesanity

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    DonNagual, I do have the E6 revision.

    My ddr500 sticks are extinct right now or only sold for INSANE prices like 200 bucks, besides I am running at a divider right now, I am not running my RAM at DDR500, or even 400 at that matter. Right now my RAM settings are as follows:

    2-3-3-6 1t @ 178MHZ with the HT of 227MHZ

    I used to have a 1:1 divider (250mhz ht and DDR500) until some guy said that timing is more important, plus I figured if I listened to him I would have lower temps.

    By the way if you moderators think I am off topic, this all is for VISTA!!! :-D
  9. Tedster

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  10. sellmesanity

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    Well I didn't exactly OC the ram, the current RAM I have is designed for OCing though, being that it is DDR 500. I just lowered it's speed and upped my HT. I guess it would make sense not to match different RAM modules. I might have to not OC just to have 2 GB for vista, or maybe I can just sell this ram and get 2x1gb DDR 400 sticks...
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