Random BSODs, Minidump diagnosis

By Devious
Apr 11, 2008
  1. Hi all.

    In the last few months, my comp has been doing completly random BSOD's on a daily basis. I've tested basicly all my hardware to see if any was malfunctioning without results. The only time i (almost) every time can guarentee i'll get a BSOD (besides when least convenient :p ) is when i transfer files between my 2 comps (via LAN).

    I've attached the minidumps from the past 2 days in hope someone have the time to help me make sence of them.

    In advance, thank you very much for your time :)
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Inside the 5 MiniDumps:
    i8042prt.sys is a driver for the ps/2 ports
    NDIS.SYS is a driver for your network card
    RDBSS.SYS Redirected Drive Buffering SubSystem Driver
    portcls.sys Multimedia Audio Controller

    Please update all drivers from your Manufactures support page
    (Umm once you work out what your Motherboard Model Number is exactly!)
  3. Devious

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    It's been a while since my first post, and i've consulted god knows how many people about my random BSOD's. In the process i learned to analyze the minidumps myself as well. Anyway, updating all my drivers narrowed the crash errors down a bit. The one i keep getting and seems like i can't get rid off is:

    And today this one popped up as well:

    Any ideas? Except from dumping this sh*tty machine in the nearest harbour?

    EDIT: Typo's
  4. kimsland

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