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By Psych1012
Nov 13, 2008
  1. Hi, All,
    I am currently using UniBlu Registry booster on my pc but have friends that need a registry booster on their pc's badly, but they aren't willing to pay. I haven't found a free alternative so far. Which I find odd, as there are tons of free spyware, virus scanners etc... Has anyone run into a good one? Thanks in advance.
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  4. old101

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    Ever since I started using Revo Uninstaller my CCleaner Registry scan comes up with no more than one or two entries, usually an un-used file class. Revo makes a separate scan of the registry to remove entries associated with uninstalled software.

    Are there any other ways for unwanted items to find their way into the registry?.
  5. Psych1012

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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys!
  6. Bobbye

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    Be careful with Registry programs. Most if us don't recommend using one.
  7. Psych1012

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    Why is that? I haven't heard this before. Thanks for any info.
  8. kimsland

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    There are many specific tools that are better quoted than, going in and editing the registry manually
    Many inexperienced users can effectively stop their computer from loading again by manually changing registry entries
    Although it is always stated to back up the registry first before manually making any changes, in some cases returning this backup (if fault occurs) may be impossible
    Best to stick with the tools designed to do this specific fault related work for you
  9. Psych1012

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    Yeah, I definitely won't be doing anything manually. I don't know nearly enough about the registry to try my self. So programs like regedit won't help me. But I know that UniBlu helps me out a so I figured it would be helpful to my friends.
  10. Bobbye

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    Do you really know that anything UniBlue finds should be removed?
  11. hrlow2

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    Hello. Steer clear of registry cleaners. They can do lots more harm than good. The registry doesn't take beeing messed with too well. You know what they say about paybacks? The registry does it in spades at times.
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    Links to:
    Ed Bott's Windows Expertise: Why I don’t use registry cleaners

    Just posting a blind link, is not safe
    All links should be labeled, where they go to
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