Remove miniPCI card from XP but not from laptop?

By AEN007
May 12, 2008
  1. 11May2008

    For various reasons I no longer use
    the 802.11b miniPCI card installed in my T30.
    I instead use a 802.11b/g pcmcia card.

    How can I remove the miniPCI card from WinXP
    without removing the card from the T30?
    If I "uninstall" the card, WinXP "finds" &
    reinstalls the card every reboot.
    I should not disable the XP Plug & Play service.
    I do not want to always have
    the disabled miniPCI icon
    in my Network Connections window ...

    Disabling does not remove the icon
    from the NWC config in WinXP.
    I do not want the miniPCI icon in NWC
    anymore because I will not use it.
    This is one too many NWC icons
    for my AutoHotKey (AHK) scripts &
    other configuration settings.
    My scripts/configs handle between
    one and three NWC icons.
    I do not want to have to remove the card.

    Under WinME uninstalling something
    from a hardware profile/config
    removes the item until the user
    reinstalls the item. WinME does not
    have the Plug&Play service that XP does.
    WinME finds the uninstalled but not
    removed item when Add Hardware is run;
    however, the user can tell WinME
    to not reinstall the item. XP P&P finds &
    installs (even if disabled) the PCI card.

    For the time being I have modified
    my AHK startup script to uninstall
    the PCI card every reboot
    (when I choose run full startup script).

    Any insights appreciated.
    Thank you.
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