Right half of keyboard is not working

By lewis0001
Sep 19, 2011
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  1. hello... i was using my computer and it started to play up.... i rebooted and on start up i got a weird beeping sound until i switched it off, when i got it on the right half of my laptop doesn't work.. an example is no numbers work "o" doesn't work when i press "k" i get "lk" or "l" is "lk" and so on. i am having to use on screen keyboard, i believe the problem is numlock is enabled but i cant use the fn key either i also tried to use a key mapper and when i pressed o it thought it was the -> key i am running windows vista home premium on a toshiba l300d laptop
  2. dappfjnapt

    dappfjnapt TS Rookie

    It sounds like the keyboard has actually failed. The beeps on startup indicate one of the keys is stuck down. You can try using a gas duster to clean out under the keys, but it might be the matrix underneath that's become stuck together. If that's the case it'll have to be replaced.

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