Samsung intros 30nm, low-power DDR3 memory

By Matthew
Feb 1, 2010
  1. Samsung's 30nm DDR3 DRAM chips have successfully completed customer evaluation and will enter mass production in the second half of this year -- before rivals. PCWorld reports that while IM Flash Technologies, owned by Micron and Intel, is ahead of Samsung with 25nm technology for flash memory, the company doesn't make DRAM.

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  2. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,254

    Something tells me that DDR2 is going to get mighty expensive from here on out.
  3. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 5,252   +92

    I haven't checked in a while but I recall it being pricier than DDR3 for a bit late last year.
  4. alexandrionel

    alexandrionel TS Rookie Posts: 93

    "can be produced at more than double the cost-efficiency"
    That means cheaper memories, right?

    It will be exactly as it was with ddr1 after ddr2 appeared.
    A little more than one year ago a 1 gb ddr1 module was twice the price of a 1 gb ddr2 module.
    Here in Romania, ddr3 is still more expensive than ddr2. Not by much, but a bit more expensive.
  5. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 5,252   +92

    Cheaper to produce, supposedly, yes. Whether or not that is passed on to the consumer is another story :).
  6. alexandrionel

    alexandrionel TS Rookie Posts: 93

    Maybe we won't see a price drop in a week or two but I am sure that prices will continue to decline.
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