Screaming Hot CPU and Lousy 3DBenchMarks

By Bcooper
Jan 28, 2005
  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this site so please be gentle. I recently upgraded to a P4 3.4 800FSB Prescott from a P4 2.4 533FSB. I never ran any benchmarks before I upgraded, but I have to say, I'm disappointed with the results I got after the upgrade. I am running an Intel 865PERL mobo, 2 gig of 400DDR (sort of, apparently one of the dimms is 333, so I am running @ 320mhz), an X800Pro VIVO with the bios flashed to full 16 pipes, an Antec 450w power supply, and I achieved a 3557 on 3DBenchMark. I never got over 25fps, and at one point, I was down to 1fps. Is any of this normal? Now, my processor is friggin hot!!! At what point does the processor clock back due to heat? I know I am reaching cpu temps of 73C and that can't be good, so I have a Zalman cpu fan on the way. I have 2 intake fans on the front of my case, stock fan on the cpu, 1 on the back of the case, plus the power supply fan. Any guidance would be helpful. I'm in the custom, highend home theater business, and use my PC for custom video editing. Thanks.
  2. Didou

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    Try throttle Watch to see if the performance problems do indeed come from insufficient cooling.
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