Serious problem with "Vista antispyware 2010"

By Xaverjin
Jan 31, 2010
  1. Hello guys, i'm really hoping you can help me clean up my computer.

    I'm not entirely sure how it happened but this fake application called vista antispyware 2010 is giving me really frustrating problems such as fake security center, fake IE redirects, and even firefox which i'm using has serious trouble opening, as well as that it seens to be preventing Avast! from opening up at all.

    Now i've tried the 8 steps topic thats in here but unfortunately i'm stuck completing step 4, as any attempts to install malwarebytes are met with.. well.. nothing, actually.

    As far as being tech savvy i'd only really rate myself average and would really appreciate some guidance as this seems to be beyond me.
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