Should I upgrade from Nvidia 8500gt to 8600gt?

By ttchaos911
Jun 18, 2008
  1. I currently have an xfx nvidia 8500gt video card with 512mb. It doesnt play the latest games as well as i would like. Like on cod4 it looks choppy and seems to be not getting the greatest frame rates. I dont think that i want to spend the money to get an 8800 card so would an 8600 be a good alternative? Can an nvidia 8600gt play games like cod4 and gears of war good on high settings? How much better is the 8600 than the 8500?
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    I had an XFX 8600GT XXX Edition. I mainly used it to play COD4, and it ran it pretty good. I set the grafx and stuff to manual, but it looked better then on the Xbox 360.

    8600GT goes for about $100, just save an extra $80 and get the EVGA 8800GT, there retail for about $180, and Newegg and Tigerdirect always have Mail-in-reabtes to make it even cheaper.
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    Here's the best value you can get.

    Foxconn GeForce 9600GT gets 99% as much FPS as the 8800 and uses less power and amps on your psu! It's only 139.99USD. I have one and it is great! Better than wasting money on an 8600GT which is barely half as good as this.
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