Signs of dead MOBO&Processor

By Mattz
Feb 17, 2004
  1. I am trying to figure out what the signs are of a dead motherboard and processor ?Any info would be great
  2. poertner_1274

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    That is kind of a general question as there could be many different possibilities. If you think you have one of these problems post some exact questions, and we'll get it figured out. It's a lot easier to diagnose a problem with a LOT of information than not enough.
  3. Mattz

    Mattz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well I took out my cpu and no beeps I replaced it then took out the memory no beeps .I am trying to find out if my motherboard is bad cause I am not getting any beeps..
  4. Steg

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    a no post sitution where you get no bleeps, no video etc could be caused by many things.
    For example
    • failed CPU
    • failed motherboard
    • failed video card
    • failed RAM
    • failed other piece of hardware (IDE drives, PCI cards etc.)
    so to narrow this list down you really need to be able to test you components in another (working) machine.

  5. Charles Hammond

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    The motherboard may be grounding out on the case.

    Test the motherboard outside of the case on a piece of cardboard.
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