Sony adds Wi-Fi hotspot feature to VAIO Y, Z

By Matthew
Jun 17, 2010
  1. Sony has announced a minor update for its Sony VAIO Z and Y series notebook that lets the system act as a hotspot for up to five other devices. Called "Share My Connection" (SMC) the feature accompanies ultraportable notebooks that can be configured with Verizon mobile broadband, ultimately allowing those machines to share their 3G connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled computers, smartphones, MP3 players, cameras and so on.

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  2. jakeshjo1953

    jakeshjo1953 TS Member Posts: 26

    I've got to be honest here. I'm not sure I want to share my connection with anyone out in the public. Sometimes I don't like sharing the home network with my own family because they just do whatever they want and leave me to clean up their messes. The colors, I like.
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