Sony has announced a minor update for its Sony VAIO Z and Y series notebook that lets the system act as a hotspot for up to five other devices. Called "Share My Connection" (SMC) the feature accompanies ultraportable notebooks that can be configured with Verizon mobile broadband, ultimately allowing those machines to share their 3G connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled computers, smartphones, MP3 players, cameras and so on.

Engadget and commenters thoroughly stress that both Windows and Mac systems have been able to do this for some time, but SMC is still handy for inexperienced folks. Apart from SMC, the only other change seems to be the introduction of five new colors to the Y series. The ultrathin 13.3-incher now comes in purple violet, fuchsia pink, pear green, teal blue and black. Systems are available to purchase at Sony's online store as well as select retailers.