Soundcard Feedbacking

By SpoR
Aug 7, 2009
  1. I have my vent settings setup properly as directed by someone knowledgeable. But they were also stumped on this issue.

    Basically what happens is whenever I have any sound coming out of my computer (Headphones or not) the people hear my mic and it is loud feedback if they are talking, or just loud noise if i'm playing music,games,video of anything at all.

    Somewhat related issue I have for Street Fighter 4, I didn't even have a mic hooked up and it would play some loud feedback for the other players. I've noticed this is somewhat of a common issue with some people on that game as well.

    I guess it would help to post my hardware/software: afaik its onboard VIA chip on a
    Gigabyte p35 dsr3 Mobo. I usually have a stereo plugged into my output port, I'm on windows XP SP2, I've got a labtec desktop mic (but the issue happens regardless if its plugged in).

    Anyone got any ideas? Is this the wrong forum?
  2. raissazhou02

    raissazhou02 TS Rookie

    Thanks for sharing this information here, i think it is really helpful, could you mind if i pm you when i have such kind of questions?
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