strange boot up problem

By jango2
Nov 5, 2004
  1. U-Buddie Eve m+
    On board via c3 733mhz processor
    on board ac97
    128 Mb sd ram 133 Mhz
    On board gf xcel graphix (sis630e)
    external 12 volt power supply
    Got 2 of these units with the same symptoms. Long single repititive beeps at power up.
    Open them up and i notice the exhaust fans are stationery, (move a bit with some prodding ).
    The cmos batteries are down to 1.5 volts from 3.
    Replaced both the fan and battery and did a clr mos too....same problem.
    Replaced the 133mhz ram with another....same prob.
    Replaced the ram with a 100 Mhz old sd ram and the unit boots up and works fine.
    The units are 1 year old and are used 24/7 .They worked fine with 133mhz ram for a year.
    Found 4 jumpers adjacent to the ICS clock generator 9248BF-102 of which 2 were "on". I assumed these were the FSB settings . Tried various pernutations of the 4 with the 133 ram but to no avail.
    Any idea what the problem is?
    Thanx in advance.
  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot!

    You need to go to the relevent site for the company that wrote your bios eg, Award and check the beep code's significance .
  3. jango2

    jango2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    phoenix bios d686 , 1998

    Can't seem to find an entry for single long repititive beeps.
  4. Liquidlen

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    If you can't find the Beep code ,unfortunately one answer is to get a PCI diagnostic card with a 2 digit LED readout.This will give you a 2 digit error code and these codes are complete in the listing I have or at the web site.
    but ,I don't know if you want to invest in something like that.
    You said this in your thread>
    "Open them up and i notice the exhaust fans are stationery, (move a bit with some prodding )."

    Is it possible that by the time you noticed exhaust fans out ,some hardware was overheated and burnt out ,God forbid CPU,or MB component?
  5. RealBlackStuff

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  6. jango2

    jango2 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I think might have found a blown ic. The ICS9248BF-102 is located near the cpu and ram. Right next to the spot where the defective fan was located. It's operating temperature threshold is 70 deg C. Found a datasheet for the IC ( Its a clock frequency generator which drives the cpu, pci and sdram .At power up , i notice (on my oscilloscope) the freq. generator ic communicating with the ram via its I2C serial data and clock lines for a moment. then when the ic fails to generate sdram clock , i hear the treacherous beeps. Clock is available for cpu and pci from the ic.
    Well the sad part is i dont think i'll be able to get this ic here, so there goes 3 days of hard labour.
    Thanx to all those who tried to help.
    Let me know if i'm off track.....still wondering if the ram needs to communicate back with the clock generator.
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