By g4mer
Nov 28, 2010
  1. Every time i turn on pc i get Open File - Security warning for Svchost2.exe. svchost is a system process but i'm not sure if svchost2.exe is also a system process or a virus/malware etc. It's from C:\Windows\system32\WinDir, but i can't find it. I scanned for viruses and malwares with Avast 5 and mbam, gmer, they found nothing. Im not allowing this program to run for now. My question is is this program safe or should i delete it somehow??
  2. Broni

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  3. Bobbye

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    I don't know why it wasn't finished either, but it's from over a month ago. Suggest you start new scans here as they would all have to be repeated anyway.
  4. Broni

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    I'll leave it in your hands, Bobbye :)
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