Task Manager and regedit not working

By Thatone
Aug 10, 2008
  1. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    For some odd reason, I have to have 5 posts or greater to post pictures....
  2. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    Post three
  3. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    Post number Four
  4. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    Post number 5
  5. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    and here are the pics.


  6. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    And after all[ that I'm going to suggest you start your won thread! Go to the Security Forum, read and follow:

    New malware cleaning instructions from TechSpot:

    then attach the logs. You will be helped. Camping on a thread that already has 50 posts helping someone clean out their specific problem is not in your best interest. Each malware cleaning is specific to the entries found in a users logs and the problem "that" user is having.

    And running up 5 posts to display an image is not appreciated.
  7. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    So here are a couple of questions, I'm trying to analyze this behavior as well. It's so odd.

    I have tried the cmd prompt and it's working, I have tried the msconfig and also working.
    I tired the regedit through run and that one told me that the it's been turned off by the administrator. It looks like it's a hit and miss situation.
    Sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't.

    I'm currently doing a Malwarebytes scan, and I'll post my results when done.

    Also, you guys think that updating to SP3 will be a problem? while trying to fix this issue?

  8. egydarceyes

    egydarceyes TS Rookie

    Figured I'd get an angry post like that, my apologies man.
  9. Thatone

    Thatone TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    Thanks to all that have helped me out here :grinthumb
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