TIP: Control your system PATH variabe!

By jobeard
Aug 11, 2012
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  1. Here's the issue:

    When an application asks for program XXX, the system searches the SYSTEM PATH to find it. The sequence of locating XXX goes like this:​
    • The exact location requested (if any), eg ..\thisDir\XXX (this would have to be hard coded in the code itself)
    • The current directory, eg .\xxx (this and the next are the default behaviors)
    • The system Path variable, which is a LIST of directories
    That PATH Variable changes almost with every install, or at least with every Application installed. This gives rise to fraudulent and/or multiple XXX modules on the system.

    Here's the cause:

    Programmers are lazy, just like you & I and when they create an Installer Package,​
    the System Path sometimes needs to include the install location. The easiest method to​
    add the new install path is​

    PATH = $newpath;$PATH​

    I just installed PERL on my Win/7 64bit system and the new path var looks like this:​


    Here's the fix:

    Use an ADMIN login and edit the SYSTEM PATH so as to keep​


    at the beginning of the path and move the new install at least AFTER the system directories:​


    I've been using this technique since Win98 to ensure that system modules can not be overridden (at least by careless path manipulations).

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