Upgraded Processor, windows wouldn't load, tried Xp disc BSOD everytime setup starts

By EsquireCC
Apr 29, 2006
  1. Hi Folks,
    I hope someone can help me out as this is a new one to me.
    Here is my origonal system:
    AMD 64 Clawhammer Skt 939 3000+
    1.5 gb ram Geil running dual channel
    ECS KN1 motherboard
    Radeon x850pe Pci-x
    100gb sata hd

    My system was working fine, has windows XP pro SP2 installed on it (my xp pro disc is a SP2 copy) no issues.
    Bought brand new processor
    AMD 64 skt 939 3500+ Venice core
    Installed, cleared bios and resetup. Got windows XP logo and then an error saying my system32 was corrupt to insert xp disc and do a repair option.
    So I tried.
    Now computer gets as far as loading Xp setup and Setup is loading windows and then I get BSOD
    I've had a couple different errors:
    they are all Stop: 0x0000007E errors
    PCI.sys and Isapnp.sys are the two that keep coming up.
    Any suggestions?

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