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Jan 4, 2010
  1. Discovered purple/blue vertical lines going down my laptop. At the very top the lines are very dark... as the line down down the line gets fainter and looks invisible but in some random spots there is some dark spots. Its probably about 10 pixels wide. The first time I turned it on it was a solid blue line all the way down but now it is blue and purple for the most part and varies in visibility through the day. Not sure if this is a video card issue or the LCD monitor. Any comments to fix or what is wrong is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. xKMACKx

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    I remember the day before they appeared I had my laptop closed but was still on sleeping for quite some time. Just did the same thing for a couple hours right now and went and checked on it and the lines appeared darker. Not sure if theres any correlation there but thought itd be worth nothing.
  3. xKMACKx

    xKMACKx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    LG X110 netbook by the way
  4. dividebyzero

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  5. xKMACKx

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    The line looks similar to the Half Life picture. But its a bunch of pixelated lines bunched close together, not spread out. When I first discovered it looked similar to the one of those lines but was blue. Than it started changing colors and visibility etc
  6. dividebyzero

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    Unfortunately it does sound like the graphics are artifacting.
    Can you downclock the graphics -reduce the core and memory speed of the graphics card?
    If you can then try it and see if the symptoms lessen (they most likely wont disappear)- if that is the case then it's definately the graphics and it's RMA time.
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