Vista x64 Explorer shows second user account with "-STD" after name

By Debbie23
Apr 28, 2010
  1. In Vista hm prem x64, for my personal std user acct - not admin (just my 1st name), Vista has created a "2nd" acct that shows in Explorer, under C:\Users\, below the orig user name.

    1st STANDARD USER acct (call it Bob) seems correct FOR MOST PART, except it's missing a couple of folders.
    At TOP of Explorer folder pane, just under Desktop, it show the "correct" Bob user name, but at least one folder, "Recent" , is missing, that should be between PrintHood & Save Games.

    Under C:\Users\, it shows the orig Bob acct, & below that it's created a 2nd acct named "Bob-std." In the "Bob-std" acct in C:\users, the Recent folder IS present.

    Just an example. I'm not sure what all might not be showing in explorer for orig "Bob user acct (haven't checked every one yet).

    In User Accts, there is no "Bob-std" acct - only the orig "Bob."

    Any suggestions what to do to fix? This is mfg installed "image" copy of Vista - not installed from Windows DVD. All I have is recovery disk. Disk itself has no "repair" ability - just restore to orig state when pc was new. Don't know about options w/in windows itself.

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