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By Hunnee
May 16, 2004
  1. I am looking for a software that will type out words as they are spoken into a mic. A software that will work in forums such as this one as well as in instant messaging and chat rooms . I would also like to know if there are softwares avalible that work with all voice comands. Thank you in advance.

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    He knows what he's talking about....I've supported both ViaVoice and Dragon Naturally Speaking for a client....he enjoyed both but ViaVoice seemed a little easier for him to configure.

    Also, :wave: Welcome To TechSpot! :wave: with your first post. Enjoy your time here.
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    Heh, I had Dragon. I still do actually. But it was more of a novelty, kinda a prize that I downloaded when I could :). If Dragon is worth a ___ perhaps its worth my trouble to train it.
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    I can't comment from personal use as far as will it make your life easier. The gentleman I supported had MS and was unable to use his hands anymore to any extent for typing. The voice recognition software helped him continue to do his job until the time of his retirement.
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    I've used Dragon Naturally Speaking and found it to work very well. But it is still way slower than if I were to type something myself.
    The only bad thing about those programs is you have to train it for HOURS!!!! and I mean lots of them. Especially if you want it to become flawless (or as close as possible)
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