Wanna pull the info off my broken eMachine

  1. Have a crappy emachine ( I didn't buy it my son's grandma did ) It died, mother board I am told. It has a nice burnt spot on it so I am pretty sure that's what it is. After reading about all the problems with emachines I do not want to try to fix it or pay anyone to fix is junk! Problem is my son has 21 days worth of music on it and a lot of pictures. The money spent on the music is well worth me trying to retrive it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Remove the hard disk, and purchase a external USB hard disk enclosure (3.5" for desktops/2.5" for laptops), and fit the disk in that.

    Then you can access it by simply connecting the USB lead to another computer.

    EDIT: Thats assuming its a SATA hard disk.
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    THX! Leeky! ok dumb question, is there a place I can get a diagram to help me remove the hard disk? Not sure what or where all the parts are once I open it up.
    A REAL novice here, but I'm gonna try :)
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    The hard disk is the rectangle silver box usually near the front of the case. It will have two cables connecting it. You remove the two cables (they both pull out), and then remove 2-4 screws, and slide it out and its free.

    This is what a hard disk looks like:


    Below is what the SATA and power connector look like:


    As long as it has two connectors that look like that (e.g. one isnt a flat ribbon cable) you can use a USB SATA enclosure and use it as a external hard disk.

    This is a IDE/PATA hard disk ribbon, which won't work with a standard USB external enclosure (If you have this, you need a IDE/PATA USB enclosure, NOT SATA):

  5. lessonlearned76

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    Sweeeet Thank you soo much! I think I can do this! Sending you hugs & kisses of gratitude right now! :)
  6. Leeky

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    A simple thanks is fine! :haha:

    If you get stuck with choosing an enclosure, once you know which hard disk type you have, then let us know and we'll find you a suitable enclosure.

    In order to do that, we will need the following:
    1. Whether it is a PATA (ribbon) or SATA (the small connector) hard disk
    2. Where you are in the world (e.g. UK, USA etc, so one local can be found online)
  7. lessonlearned76

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    ok I will pull it apart and check this afternoon. I am in the US. Oregon to be more precise.
  8. Leeky

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