what video is what format? - how can I tell?

By alexisbatman
Jan 20, 2007
  1. Ok, so i use bit torrent to download video but its a mix of mpg, avi, dvix, wmp. All the formats will run on my PC but some wont be copied to my Creative Zen M player because the file format isnt supported on the player.

    How do I tell what format the video file is? Ccan i add or mod Xp explorer windows to tell me what the file format is? If the format works with the player already, i dont need to convert it but I would still like to know whats what with my video files. Any ideas?
  2. Liquidlen

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    Go to any file folder in Explorer and go to Tools > Folder options>View. Make sure the " Hide file Extension for ...file types" option is unchecked and the " Remember each folder view setting" is checked.
  3. alexisbatman

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    thanks, great help : )
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