Which thing is most required while playing game on LAN (network)?

By numan
Aug 27, 2005
  1. Which thing is most required while playing on LAN (network)?
    1. Good Grafics Card.
    2. Good Processor.
    3. RAM

    I have Intel celeron D 2.4GHz (256kb chace)
    MSI Motherboard AGP 4x.
    512Mb Kingstone DDR 400 bus
    MSI Radeon 9800pro 128 Mb

    My games (Age of mythology, LOTOR-Battle for middle earth and many other strategy games) run well in start amd slow down after some time when i create my forces (when there is load on game) game slows down. Is this due to my processor or RAM or 3dCard?

    What thing should i have to upgrade for well performance on LAN?
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