Windows 7 -- flashing windows, closing menus

By bj00uk
Apr 13, 2012
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  1. CandiiSweet

    CandiiSweet TS Rookie

    After deleting windows updates that were installed around the time when the problem started happening, and trying to remove drivers that are being loaded to my other user accounts. Nothing still works. Right now, I'm transferring my files and documents to another computer and doing a clean install completely.
  2. andweb

    andweb TS Rookie

    found this post looking for a solution to a flickering windows, unresponsive menus problem I had which turned out to be hardware. Part of the post regarding lost USB led me to check what I had connected. I found I had plugged a usb memory stick into a different usb port than I normally use, removing it sorted my issue (probably a usb standard incompatiblity).

    The full set of symptoms bj has does not sound like graphics driver imo but hey stranger things have happened.
  3. TeonT

    TeonT TS Rookie

    Had the same problem...had a lil camera plugged into my USB. Unplugged that and it went away instantly
  4. TaylorStreet

    TaylorStreet TS Rookie

    I know this topic is fairly old, but I found it while I was trying to find an answer, as I was having the exact same problem. Gbhall's response helped me figure out the problem. I remembered that I had something plugged into my USB that I did not really have set up properly. When I plugged it in a while back, it said to search for a driver to install it, and I just said No because I was too impatient, and wanted to get to doing other things on the computer. Once I unplugged it, all the problems were fixed.

    I suggest looking at the front and back of your computer, and look for anything that's plugged in that could be causing a problem. Even try unhooking everything aside from your mouse, and see if it does anything. If it isn't fixed, then you know it isn't any of the random hardware. If it is fixed, then it is a simple process of elimination.
  5. Reista

    Reista TS Rookie

    I too know that this topic is old XD But as I had just sat here uninstalling mouse drivers for my G600, keyboard drivers for my SS Merc Stealth and running a buttload of anti-virus and malware scans and coming up empty I turned to google to solve this odd problem. Turns out someone else was feeling my pain too!

    I had a dinky little SD card camera (by dinky I mean 1 inch wide, 2 inches tall, an inch thick) that I had plugged in today to charge. It's used as a motorcycle helmet camera for those wondering. It was 3am and I was trying to get my homework done and couldn't use the menus because they would close, couldn't use my right click menu because it would close, and chrome's window kept flickering. Right clicking on the taskbar however did NOT have a menu that closed (discovered when opening task manager)

    Unplugged the camera after reading about usb stuff being a possible fix and all the problems were gone. *tips top hat*

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 sp1

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