Witcher 2 devs suing pirates, claim to be sure who downloaded illegally

By Julio Franco
Dec 19, 2011
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  1. ^ in reply to the post above:

    I pirate cuz I can. And obviously they didn't catch 100% of the pirates, cuz I pirated it and I have not received anything, took every care when I stole it and my country doesn't allow anyone to sue me over this.

    Curiously I was thinking about finishing this game today. Maybe I'm gonna mount it again ?

    Suck on that, now.
  2. PC pirates should be "dealt with" plain and simple.

    These thugs have ruined the best gaming platform and brought on the scourge of the console.
  3. Replace the word "Game" with "stolen goods" and then reappraise your comments.
  4. "We’re addressing only 100% confirmed piracy causes that are 100% possible to prove"

    Wow - that's great technology. What's next? An unsinkable ship?

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