WOF: What search engine did you use before Google?

By Jos
Feb 4, 2011
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  1. Relic

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    Used Altavista mostly until Google came along like many here.
  2. Was there a search engine before Google? I'm no spring chicken (I can remember when computers had black screens with orange text and started at "C:" instead of a desktop) but I don't remember anything compelling before Google. I think I knew that Altavista existed but don't actually remember using it.
  3. Oh yeah (continued from reply #102) - I think I actually used WebCrawler in the 1990s
  4. lycos
  5. I have used for years now. I collects the search results from Google, Yahoo. Bing, Ask and About and presents them in a compiled page. It just doesn't make sense to use just one search engine when a metasearch engine like can collect results from multiple search engines for you.
  6. Gopher

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  7. I'm using Bing more, now that Google is screwing up their results page with unusable mini-instant previews that inadvertently pop-up when I never want them too.
    Bing's ok, not the best, but it's cleaner than google.
    fyi, I used to use altavista and askjeeves
  8. I also used AltaVista but now I actually use compact GooPlusPlus more often than Google. Not only does it include all the Google stuff but also a lot more specific niche search tools.
  9. Altavista --------------------------------
  10. I can't even remember!!
  11. Rick

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  12. DarKSeeD

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  13. Yahoo! (which my Japanese friends tell me is still more popular than Google in Japan)

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