XFX Force Geforce 9800 GT Frame Rate Issues

By StaticMoot
Sep 2, 2009
  1. StaticMoot

    StaticMoot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, this one has the dual monitor ports on it. It seems like XFX has many different versions of the same card with that product number. Their website shows two versions with that same product number.

    Edit: Missed the post prior to the one above. The card's running at around 54c idle and all the fans are running just fine on everything in the case.
  2. Davidoff

    Davidoff TS Member Posts: 46

    oh...ok.......well i am going to exchange my card tomorrow...i get low fps on crysis warhead
  3. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 421

    maybe its a software issue. which OS are u running?
  4. StaticMoot

    StaticMoot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Windows XP-32bit. Vista's not allowed in the house, lol.
  5. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 421

    lol how wabout windows 7 ? if its a software issue and not a hardware issue then installing win 7 will definitely help
  6. StaticMoot

    StaticMoot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Isn't 7 still in beta?

    From everything I'm reading and what you guys have said, it sounds like the 450w PSU just isn't able to push enough power to the card. Hopefully the 750w coming on tuesday will fix the issue and it'll be as clean cut as all that. If not, then we'll turn our attentions to software problems. Everything on the computer ran smooth as silk before the 8600 stopped working.

    I purchased a new case to get better air flow. I tried to put the old card back in and the computer wouldn't boot. It stayed on the MoBo splash screen and then would reset itself, show the GPU stats and the splash screen again, then rinsed and repeated. Thus the need for the new card.
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