XP Pro Install Fails on 300 gig drive

By rspalding
Nov 10, 2005
  1. I am trying to install a 300 gig Maxtor ATA Drive in a new Optiplex GX520
    I have 2 gigs of ram installed and a 3.4 gig P4. When I try to install XP Pro SP2 on either a two partion or a single partion 300 gig drive it fails repatedly with an error saying a particular file is missing or corrupt. In checking the drives I find the file is there and is the same size as the file on the installation disk. If I try the install on a 3000K partition it fails with a file called ntoskrnl.exe....if I try installing on a single 289 gig partion it fails with a system file. I can install Pro on the 80 gig drive that came with the system without error. Updated BIOS to A05 (new on 11/7/2005)

    Anyone run into this kind of thing with Maxtor 300 gig ATA Drives?

    Excuse me while I go kick the dog.
  2. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    What is the exact model of your Maxtor?

    How are your drives configured? Do you take out the 80GB and install the 300GB then go through setup or do you do master slave.

    What do you have on your Primary and secondary controller?
  3. ru_ready

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    2 things come to mind... does your MOBO support a drive that large? and would it be easier to partition to an 80 GIG OS installation and use the rest as data partition if 80 allows no probs?

    once had a prob simmilair... kept missing file till i had a maxtor hard drive cd that aligned the BIOS to the larger drive

    just suggestions
  4. roydaniel

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    I had the same thing occur with a 160 Gig hard drive and 1 Gig of ram. It turned out to be one bad stick of ram.
  5. Tedster

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