XP Problem, after install

By sonofisis
Aug 28, 2005
  1. Every time i leave my computer on over night and wake up in the morning, as I try to open a program, the sand time object pops up, and no programs will open unless i restart.. I even look in my task manager, and any given program that wasn't already running, that i try to open, will say it's only taking 60kb's of memory, and won't build beyond that to even try and open..

    Does something happen when i leave my computer on and unattended for a long time, that causes programs not to open?... I always have to restart, then it's fine, what's going on?

    By the Way, I've scanned for adware with spybot and adaware, and use Kaspersky anti-virus, they detect nothing.. Could it be my registry?.. I turned off windows messager because they've been bugging me about registry problems on my system since the very first day I installed (a week ago).. So I have registry mechanic, and CleanmyPC registry cleaner, and I use registry mechanic all of the time.. So i'm confused as to what this problem can be.... :(
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    I have not found a reg cleaner to this day that will fix all windows problems or problems created from bad software
    (other than M$)
    I have used system mechanic from iolo to help me solve reg problems.
    I set up like this make backup of registery with SM
    add a app or program wait about aday and if it is working OK make another back up with remarks as to what was added
    SM keeps a list and you can pick the reg you saved and reload it.
    PS I just started using xp pro been using W2K spk3 for last 2 years may go back to W2K
  3. sonofisis

    sonofisis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    that's messed up, because i keep reinstalling windows, and no more than 15 minutes after I do, it says i have registry problems.. i'll do it and see tho..
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