XP themes..User interface equal to star trek tng

By SOcRatEs
Aug 17, 2005
  1. I'm leaving myself open to alot here. :haha:
    I'm a treky from the b&w days.

    It's been a pet project that got shelved awhile ago,
    that several techy friends and I have tried.

    I've tried several diff ways to create something more
    than just a theme. More like actual interface (-minus touch screen)
    I started with flash 4 but ran into prob accessing even explorer.
    Then tried stardock/object desktop. Couldn't move or change any menu
    just the look/style.

    I figger with the power of pc's, plus the power of voice control, I would think
    it should be possible to closly replicate the interface.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or am I still to soon, current technology
    isn't up to the task of SciFi technology? Yet. :eek:
    Man what I could do with a holo suite!!

    I'm open to? :confused:
    Thank you for any thoughts here!
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